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Enough Time: A Story from “More or Less” by Jeff Shinabarger

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When someone asks the question, “How are you?”, how often do you reply, “Busy”? After watching this short video, I realized just how often “Busy” is my default response…I also realized just how much I don’t want it to be! The time we all have is precious and temporary. How do you want your time to be used? I hope this video will inspire you, like it did me, to reflect on how you choose to spend your time and make changes where possible so that more of it is spent on what’s most important in your life. The next time someone asks you how you are, how do you want to respond? What can you do differently to make that more likely?


One thought on “Enough Time: A Story from “More or Less” by Jeff Shinabarger

  1. So many times myself and others are passing by on a mission (busy) and say”Hi, how are you?” when there really is no time to stop and answer the question. I actually feel bad, so, from now on I am not going to ask the question, just a simple “HI” along with a SMILE and not feel bad about myself. I would like to ask the question when time has been set aside to connect with myself and others to create a meaningful and valuable experiece. Maybe the next time someone asks me “how I am” my response may change from “busy” to “let’s get together and get caught up.”


    Deborah =)

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